Friday, October 2, 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem...

A couple of weeks ago, we found a cyst in my stomach that had become infected. It quickly began to cause a lot of problems for me. Went to the doctor, and he told me something horrific...

I have to have surgery.

The profoundness of that statement is echoing and deafening in my ear every time I have to say it. Reason being? For one, I have the Livestrong 5K in Austin scheduled the day after surgery that I will have to miss. But the biggest reason I am so bummed about this is because I have been training for a half marathon for months. This surgery and the break I am going to have to take due ot recovery, unfortunately, is going to squash my chances for being able to finish the marathon at a decent time. I know it is acceptable to walk a bit during a race, but for some reason... (pride? competitive spirit? stupidity?) ... Walking is just unacceptable. 
(FINE PRINT DISCLAIMER: Unacceptable for me, personally. NOTHING against anyone out there who does take a walking break during a half every now and then. TOTALLY FINE.... Walk on my sisters and brothers.... I'll be running.)
With this being my first half, I want to make it a success and run the whole entire time. I am not going to set a finish-time goal, per say, but I do want to be able to at least run a 10 min pace the whole way through. But that goal of finishing my first half in November is not going to happen. (*as I wipe away a tear*) So time to move on. I know I am not the only one out there that is having injury issues lately and having to miss races because of them. I have been reading your posts... there must be something in the air?? Chin up... Move on.
I have been searching for other races on Runners World website, etc. that fall in December/January that I could possibly do instead, but have not had much luck. I don't exactly want to travel far far away, but the possibility is not completely out of the question.
I will absolutely be running the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon in April. (This is in memory of the OKC Bombing.) Will that be my first half? I don't know... the answer is yet to come... we shall see.

Anybody know of any good races in December or January or even February?

Marvelous Miles to you all!!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I understand your frustration with losing all the progress you made, but it will come back and it will come back faster than it took the first time around. Your health comes first and without that there is no running. As for finding races, check Good luck with the surgery and heal fast.

  2. Bummer! BUT, hopefully once you've recovered from surgery you will feel so much better that you'll quickly get your "mojo" back. Maybe the surgery will help you run even faster since you'll feel so much better. I'll dedicate a mile to you next Saturday when I run the Hartford Marathon. Which mile would you like?

  3. I think you are totally doing the right thing. I am really sorry to hear about your surgery and am disappointed that you won't be at San Antonio (I was hoping to get to meet you somehow!), but you need to take care of yourself and recover. I understand how frustrated you must be, but your health has to come first girl. Keep your chin up! You will be back to running in no time and then you will rock your first half! I will keep a lookout for a good half!

  4. I'm really sorry about the surgery! That is really a bummer. I think all of your training will pay off though and EVENTUALLY you will run an amazing and fast half!

  5. Oh no Katie! I'm sorry you won't be running in San Antonio with me. Find another one you can look forward too. I think Dallas and/or Ft Worth have one coming up?

  6. Wow. surgery. That's defintly no good for training. Sorry about that. I wouldn't do the half either. Dec/Jan is a tough time to find races, at least in my neck of the woods. Usually there is a 'jingle bell dash' 5k/10k in most cities. Usually small local events. Call that running store you went to for the new kicks. They usually have the heads up on that kind of stuff.

    I hope the surgery goes well. The good think about being sidelined is that you usually come back to running stronger than ever!

  7. Nuts! Sorry to hear you need surgery. I hope it goes well and you recover quickly!!

  8. Hi Katie,

    I just ran across your blog via another running blog i read and saw your post.

    I totally feel your pain. I've been running for about a year and signed up for a 1/2 in January but I've totally buggered up my back and now am not able to train. I'm hoping to get back in the groove quickly.

    Secondly, I'm not sure how close you are but Houston's full, 1/2, 10k and (I think ) 5K are in January. Not sure of the cut-offs or anything but maybe you can try there!

  9. Goodness girl, I'm praying for you. There are SO many races but there's gotta be a healthy YOU to be in those races for it to mean anything. There will always be another race but you gotta take care of you. If you aren't ready, it isn't the end of the world and I'll be cheering you on for whatever race it is that you do!

  10. that is a bummer!!! there are tons of races out there so you will find one, just get yourself healthy first!!

  11. Feel better. I left you a virtual HUG on my High Five Friday post..

  12. OMG......I'm sorry I am so far out of the loop, i am just catching up on blogs and I read your news.........I'm praying for you and for a speedy recovery!!! On another note, I would LOVE for you to come to FL and stay with me and run the OUC half marathon with me!!! It is in Orlando, FL on Dec 5 th!!! It's a longer flight BUT we have plenty of room so no hotels, food, etc cost!! That would be really cool. The course is fast and flat as far as I know and it is my first half as well!! Let me know! Hope you got my email about your package that is coming, I promise, next week!!!! Hope it will cheer you up!!!

  13. hey you one hit wonder!! one post a month!!! how busy can a girl be? YOU HAVE WINNERS WAITING!!! and order mine for christmas!!

  14. Hi, Katie;

    I came across your blog while browsing running blogs in Blogger.

    It doesn't seem to be very well known yet, but Beaumont is having a half- and full-marathon May 1, 2010. I think it's the first ever in Beaumont.

    Details are at
    Good luck.

  15. there is a race in Dallas on the 13th... its called the White Rock Marathon maybe? My sister and I, as well as Amber Brandt are all running.. You totally shoudl too! Get lots of rest Katie- I'll be praying for a speedy recovery!

  16. Came across your blog while looking for Beaumont and Running. First and foremost I hope that all goes well and you recover quickly.

    There is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi Gras Marathon and 1/2 Marathon in New Orleans, LA at the end of Feb. I don't know of any other "big" events that are still open in that time frame. You may try if you havent yet, thats how I found a couple 5K and 10K runs in the Beaumont & Houston areas.

    Good luck and best wishes,


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