Friday, September 25, 2009

Love My Runners Blog Community

I Have Run has a really thoughtful post on her blog that has really got me thinking... Her topic is thankfulness. She spoke of how thankful she is to have so much support from her followers and how motivating we were to her while she was training for her first marathon (which she just completed... WOO-HOO!!!! After you read this post y'all should go congratulate her.)
This whole topic is something that has me really fired up and I want to talk about it.
My running blog began as a way for me to journal my progress through my marathon training. Little by little I have acquired a small but insanely valuable list of followers. This group is so important to me... it is motivation, inspiration, education, communication, (and lots of other "tions" that I'm sure I am leaving out) But the point is, I love love love to run.... but on my bad days, my little running blog community keeps me going. And on my good days, this little running blog community keeps me motivated and inspired and excited about my accomplishments. But it is definitely something you have to be apart of to understand. To the non-runner/non-blogger (NRNB for future reference) this whole blogging thing is somewhat of a joke. (To many people this whole RUNNING thing is somewhat of a joke.) When I so passionately talk about my blog and all my running buddies... the NRNB just simply doesn't get it. What I don't get from the outside world filled with NRNB's, I get from my little community here. Yes, I have such a supportive family and many supportive friends... but for the most part, my motivation and inspiration comes from my blogging community. And I am so happy to be apart of it.
(So thanks Candice for inspiring me to talk about this!)

On another note, just an update... Went to the doctor regarding my numb foot and he has let me know that I am suffering from localized neuropathy in the bottom of my right foot. (To the non-medical terminologist, this means my nerve endings in my right foot are jacked up.) What does this mean in regards to my Half in November, you ask? The answer is yet to come... I am going to run on a different surface for the next few long runs and see how it goes. I refuse to let this slow me down..... Stay tuned for more updates!

Marvelous Miles to you all!


  1. Totally agree with you. I started my blog for the same reasons you started your and acquired a little following along the way. I really appreciate all of the encouraging comments I get since they do provide the motivation and kick in the rear that I usually need.

  2. The blogging community is really valuable. I agree! It's lovely to feel the support and warmth of other runners and bloggers.

  3. I'm with ya... you have no idea how often I've wanted to call a blog follower to ask advice, see how their race/run went, etc... It's more than just a community it's a family. :)

  4. Love the running community of bloggers too! The non-runners sometimes just don't get it. (They lack the endorphins!)

    Keep us posted on that foot. I hope it heals or gets feeling again soon!!!

  5. "We are family..." LOL. Yup, I also get my motivation from you and my other 25 "Followers." BIG hug to you and them! Keep on running girl.

  6. YESSS! the running blogging community is the BEST! celebrate your highs, pick you up in your lows, and are there through it all :) so awesome!

  7. I love this bloggy world we are livin in!!! I shot u an email with a few questions about the giveaway, hope you got it!! Glad to hear you at least got an answer on your foot, but hope you can get it feeling better soon!!

  8. Sorry about your foot. I hope it's nothing serious.

    And I agree with you, I love the blogging world!! I wish I had more time to read and comment but work and life get in the way. ;-)

  9. Hope your foot feels better soon.

    And amen to the blogging is really quite amazing.

  10. Thanks for the shout out, and I'm glad I could return the favor a little!

    "I have such a supportive family and many supportive friends... but for the most part, my motivation and inspiration comes from my blogging community. And I am so happy to be apart of it." After I wrote my blog post, I was thinking about my support system and thought that same thing, almost word for word! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

    Happy running!

  11. my foot goes numb when I run too... very interesting. Glad you went to the doctor to learn about it...ha, let me know if you find out what you can do to help it... and what marathon are you gonna run?? I obviously just started following your blog!

  12. You're so right. It's important to have support and the blogging runners are the best!


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