Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Love Affair with AC and Other Random Musings...

Happy September!!
There is just something about the beginning of a new month. So much potential to just make it your own and turn it into a great big success. Forget where you went wrong last month and start fresh. There is bright opportunity to take full advantage of every day - Grow! Succeed! Am I being too cheezy right now? Are you gagging? Sorry..... I digress.

I have had a couple of things on my mind this week so far.... Let's discuss.....

1. So I have a little over 10 weeks until the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll (Half) Marathon. (Yelp!) I had a funny nervous emotion that crept over me today while I sat at my desk at work in realization of this. From here on out my mileage is going to increase BIG time..... for me, that is (The girl who has never run more than 6.2 miles in her life!) On October 3rd I have a 10 mile run scheduled. That is 4 weeks away. I know you can't tell... but it just took me about 2 full minutes of sitting here staring at my laptop screen to be able to fully grasp the last two sentences. The month of September I have 86 miles scheduled to run in all. (I realize many of you can knock most of that out in a week.. but remember, I'm just an amateur right now.) I am excited/scared/anxious/hopeful/worried/pumped all at the same time. Such a strange sensation. I'm kinda diggin' it :)

2. My car is sick :( My beautiful Acura TSX is having air conditioning issues and needs to go to the doctor. I have only had her for a little over a year, so why this is even occurring is beyond me. But regardless, even though fall is almost here and the weather should be cooling off in most places in the world, no AC in Southeast Texas is not an option in these parts. It is simply ludicrous. Torture. But the fact that my car is sick is not my biggest dilemma. My biggest dilemma in this situation is..... this weekend is Labor Day weekend!!! I, being one that loves to take full advantage of long weekends away from work, was planning on driving to Oklahoma to see my Dad and Step Mom and Maci (the little sis). Check them out below along with my little brother, Luke....

I have two options: (1.) Stay home and miss out on the long awaited fun-filled weekend with my dad, whom I have not seen since July 4th, my best-friend/step-mother, Alison and my precious little sister who is turning 5 tomorrow (not to mention who is growing up way too fast for me to keep up with!) as well as miss out on a long country run on Saturday with my Dad and lake time on the boat and a day at the horse races or (2.) Make the 8 hour drive circa-1950's style, sans-AC. [If you are wondering why I don't just fly.... well, it is because I am anticipating that extra funds for a plane ticket will be non-existent after spending all my money on repairing my damn car. (yes, that would be bitterness you are sensing right about now.)]

So I said to myself, "Self, people lived without air-conditioning for thousands and thousands of years. People even lived without air conditioners in their car for a while back in the day. When did western civilization become so dependant on Air Conditioning? You sweat on a daily basis because of your running addiction. No big deal. Is wearing a tank and some shorts and throwing back the sun roof for 8 hours (in the evening) going to kill you? Since when did you become such a Prima Donna?" So I have decided to make an adventure out of this and drive to Oklahoma on Friday with no AC, then drive back Monday and put my car in the shop on Tuesday. We'll see how this goes. I'll keep you posted.

3. I have another Girl's Night coming up on Thursday. This is an event that occurs about once a month. You can catch up on our last one here. I was in charge of coordinating this time.... This night will consist of me and about 17 other hot females abandoning their homes, husband's and offspring (or lack there of, in my case) for an evening filled with female companionship, food, festivities, wine and this time.... KARAOKE!! Can't wait to tell you all about it :)


Is your love affair with Air Conditioning as solid as mine?

What are your Labor Day plans?


  1. HI Katie, this is Missy, Alisons cousin! He there! Ali just texted me to check out your blog! Love it girl and am thrilled that you are training to run the RNR 1/2 in 10 weeks! I have run 2 halves myself.. my first one was the RNR in Phoenix and I loved it! I am dying to get back to running ASAP, as I have torn my ACL skiing last season and had surgery in March. I just ran (well it was a JOG, lets be honest) my first FULL MILE yesterday and it felt ok! SO, I made the goal to run a 5K by October, either the Race for the Cure or a Halloween run.
    Anyhoo... I wanted to comment on your Saucony Shoe inquiry! Its the only shoe I will run in. I have been running in them for 5 years. LOVE THEM. I am very even footed, so I run in the "RIDE". I highly suggest that you go and be evaluated at a quality running store (if you haven't already) to put you in the correct shoe.. its so important for your joints, especially your knees/hips!
    Also, my advise for training... I knew when I started training for the first one, that I could easily run 3 miles. So 14 weeks out... I decided to add a mile to my longest run per week. So I ran 5 days a week.. took 2 days off to rest (its equally important) to break up the 5 days. Never ran 5 days in a row. I would run 2 short days, 2 medium length days, and 1 long day. Each week I would add a mile to the longest run. I would also add a half mile to one of the medium days. (does that make sense?...)
    Remember that if you can run 6.5 - 7 miles.. you can do the whole thing! I have other advice for you that will help you prep for the day of the race! Will give that to you later.
    I am looking forward to keeping up with you on the blog. I am on here too, but don't "blog".. I only Facebook it.. that is about I can really keep up with!
    HA ~ Best of luck to you girl. Remember, just keep putting one foot in front of the other!
    cheers in pounding that pavement!

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a great visit with the family. Very cool that you and your girls get together for a fun night out.

    You are going to have such a feeling of accomplishment as you increase you miles. You are going to run great!

  3. I couldn't live w/o AC; I would gripe way too much. You should go visit your family though....you can't miss out on that!!

    Good luck on your longer runs and have fun with that girls night!

  4. I LOVE the A/C. I would rather be cold than hot!!! Good luck on your drive!

    And thanks for sending me luck on my 20 miler! I needed it. And thanks even more for your concern about my little one. She is doing much better!!

  5. Girl, I live in the Pacific NW - no need for AC here. I do remember living in VA for a while and even though I am a warm blooded reptile (or are they cold blooded?) and love love love being in the heat, humidity is a whole nother animal.

    I would have done the same thing as you. Drove up anyways I mean. Have fun. You wont regret it!

  6. This is my first visit to your blog and you are too funny!
    1) I am training for my first 1/2 marathon, am an amateur rookie and VERY nervous about my first 1/2 too! My longest run to date.....6 miles! I have 12 1/2 weeks till my 1/2 so we are pretty much in the same boat and I am feelin ya!!
    2) Thank goodness my car does not have the same ailment as yours, because yes, It is still freakin HOT in Florida and I think I would die without A/C and I am definately NOT a Prima Donna! I am very proud of you though for making the choice to suck it up and drive!!!
    3) My family is sooooo important to me too and your trip will be sooooo worth it, just keep telling yourself that! Sounds like once you get there, you will have a great time! BTW, my In-laws live in OKC and I am headed there for a wedding next month!!
    4) Enjoy your girl's night out tonight! I am a believer that getting away and spending "girl time" with friends is very important!! I have been married for 11 years and have 2 children and I still take time out to hang with my girls!!
    Glad I came across your blog!!!


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