Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Love Running

Now I feel like a dork. Remember me freaking out because my foot/leg was going numb during my run on Sunday? Well it had a lot to do with the fact that my shoes were tied too tight............ yea.... laugh it up! You've got jokes, I'm sure.

But I really have to laugh at myself as well every time I think about it. Hmm, my foot is going numb. I wonder why. Could it be a circulation problem?? Ummmmmmmm... duh!! YA THINK?! It's these little things that truly exemplify the "newness" of my running career. It's a good thing that pro runners sometimes comment on my posts to set me straight. Thank you for that! You are my heroes!

I woke up this morning at 5am and went for a 3 mile run before work that absolutely felt awesome. I love morning runs. They really set your whole day off right. I have had an awesome day today and I completely attribute it to my run this morning. I can only believe that my night is going to be even better.

I love running. Have I told you that already? Because I do. I actually believe I am starting to crave it. I have heard stories told of a hunger runners have. They must do it everyday. They HAVE to do it every day. I have a friend that is like this.... Misti. I have introduced her to you before, but let me introduce you again.

She is the black haired beauty with the tie-dye on. She is OCD about her running. Up until this point, when asked the multiple choice question 'What do you think about Misty's love of running?" a.) She's full of S#&@ b.) She's psychotic c.) All of the above. My answer would be a definite "C." But now... I am all aboard the crazy-running-obsessed-train. If it weren't for the fact that I am freaked out about avoiding injury before my half-marathon in November, I would run tonight as well as in the morning even though I have a long run scheduled tomorrow night with my running girls. So this is my formal apology, Misti, for ever doubting your sanity. Please forgive me. I'm right there with you sister, and hope someday to be able to run as far as you and look as hot as you in a bikini because of it.

Which brings me to my next little FYI for you, due to my current obsession, I have purchased and am reading two books on training for a marathon. (Yes, I am reading two books at the same time.... I am proving I am not only a dork but a nerd/geek as well!) Most people have coaches that help them train for marathons, I choose to read books. I am going to Self-Help my way to marathon success! The first book is the book I originally set out to purchase. The Non-Runners Marathon Guide. This book was written by two college professors who taught several classes filled with hundreds of non-runners (much like myself) to successfully complete a marathon. The book details all the proof and consists of the complete training process.

I bought the second book, The Non-Runners Marathon Guide For Women, because #1. I am a non-runner who happens to be of the female sex who is, indeed, training for a marathon. #2. The author is completely hilarious and details the good the bad and the ugly of marathon training. Sweat, Chaffing, long lost knee-caps, hatred for happy runners, and all! I'm surprised I haven't come across a story chronicling yeast infections yet... who knows... it may come later. I'm only on Chapter 3. I love her and will be taking little quotes out of the book and sharing them with you from here on out. Get ready.

Until Next time... magnificent miles to you all!


  1. Hey girl,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm training for my first marathon too, and I'm lovin those morning runs as well :)

  2. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by and "following" my blog (welcome to the insanity)! I'm so excited to be training for my first marathon; it will be a blast! It looks like you are training for the San Antonio Marathon too? So cool! I look forward to reading your adventures.

  3. Hey girl. Thanks for leaving me a comment. What's all this 'non-runner' book business about. Girl, when you willingly and lovingly get up at 5 am to bust out a quickie - your a runner!

  4. check out dean karnazes books - ultramarathon man and 50/50/50 - they are awesome books!!

  5. Hi Katie...I found your blog by reading your comment on I forget whose blog post and clicking on your name. Yes, I too am a "blogger stalker!" So I hope it's OK that I'll be following your blog, since I've read it and enjoyed it.


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