Friday, August 7, 2009

Runner's Blog Anonymous: Newest Members

Before I started my very own blog I secretly and continuously stalked many other runner's blogs. For a long time I never commented or followed. I just watched from a distance. After a while things got much more intense. I couldn't resist. The temptation was too great. I had to be a part of this runner's blog world. When one becomes a part of this world, they gain an unlimited amount of insight into the world of running. Very helpful things I learned such as tips, advice, awesome gear to use in the future, good running shoes, etc. I have learned the importance of fuel and hydration and that water, a lot of the time, just isn't enough. I had never heard of Gu in my life... now I know it is a very valuable resource. Lots of tips on nutrition and recipes for runners... The list goes on and on.
Anyways, even though I have started my own blog, I still stalk many blogs to this day... I have not been cured of this addiction. I am not in denial, which I suspect is the first step to recovery. But, so far, I do not see a light at the end of my tunnel.

Hello. My name is Katie, and I'm a runner's blog stalker.

But I hear this ailment is common among runners and bloggers today. So I join a big group.
So I am here to share with you two of the most awesome resources I have come across, so far...

1. Garmin Watches.

These things are a MUST for hard-core runners....... like me. (Okay.... well, like I will be someday!) They not only track your pace, time, distance and heart rate - some have GPS systems that can tell you where you are going, where to go next, track your progress, compare your pace to past performances, get feedback on your runs, and even help you train for a triathlon or a multi-sport workout! These things are brilliant. They freak me out. If I had one, I would be constantly looking over my shoulder for "Big Brother." How do they know?!
Unfortunately, I can't afford one right now. Like all other high-tech must-haves, they are freaking expensive! So I am taking donations... if you are interested in contributing, email me. (Kidding!!) (not really.)

This sight is amazing. It will give you a map of wherever you choose, and you can type in the area where you want to run, the distance that you want to run, and BAM!... there are hundreds of routes to choose from created by other runners in your city. This is going to be very valuable for me since I prefer to run outside. (I know, I'm glutton for punishment in this Southeast Texas sauna that I live in.) The treadmill just gets too boring for me. So does the track, for that matter... finding different places to run will help me to keep variety in my life. I've been told I have a restless spirit. (I think that is a nice way of saying I am flaky as hell!) I am sure this applies to my running preferences as well.
OR - you can find the area where you want to run, and map out your own route. It calculates the distance, elevation... then you can save these routes to your profile and later enter info such as your pace, etc. and it will tell you your calories burned! Again... who comes up with this stuff?!
Tonight I went for a 3 mile run in a neighborhood I have never ran in before. It is a pretty affluent neighborhood in Beaumont and I loved looking at all the giant houses. (I'm big on looking at beautiful houses.) There is something about running in a new place that makes the time go by quicker. Thank you Runners Rambles for introducing me to this site!

I am going to continue to post on useful fixes I find from other runner's blogs. I welcome any tips, suggestions, advice that anyone might have to help my training become more successful. In the meantime, those closest to me need not plan an intervention just yet. I'm having way too much fun!


  1. wow, look at you!! a post everyday! i like your suggestions, however i do not need one of those lil Garmin thingymajigs! i know all those things all the time. i am moving slow, my heartbeat is slow, i am usually lost or have lost something and the only time i run is to run into the house to get my keys becuase i am late. then my pace gets quicker, my heart rate is up, and my pits start squirting(PW)! does that thingymajig help you locate your keys? let me know!! good luck with the fundraising...i have college educations to pay for or else i would so help you! might i suggest some cookie dough sales?? i love you!

  2. yay glad you like map my run!! its a great site :) i do LOOOOVE my garmin though. i learned SO much through reading other blogs and still do!


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